Assign viewable set of subpages to a non-admin

Hi all,

I think it would be useful if the super-admin could restrict the amout of viewable pages of a site (i.e. domain)
to a predefined subset of pages of that domain (i. e. segments). With this the super-admin could reveal the analytics data for a certain user group only for a subset of the pages to make sure that they do not see the analytics of the rest of the pages.

I just have this request from our client and I am trying to achieve this:

#27147 and #27107

At the moment the only solution I have on hand is to send those users an email report that only contains the analytics for the defined segment. But this has the drawback that the users cannot use the dashboard to follow the real time tracking or to customize their dashboard.

Thank you for your thoughts about that in advance.

:bulb:UPDATE 2018/02/09:
I think this could solve my issue. :slight_smile: Nevertheless it would be worthwhile- in my opinion - to think about my suggestion.