Limit viewable pages per domain in an account

Hi matomo community,

I use the latest matomo release (3.0.0) and I am wondering if there is a way where I can assign in a non-admin account the pages of one domain the user is allowed to see. For example: I have a page with a main navigation including pages of section A, section B, and section C. Is there a way that user A can only see the analytics of the subpages of section A, but not the analytics of section B and C?

I investigated the account settings of a non-admin but I could not find a way to do it …

Any help from you is highly appreciated :slight_smile:


:bulb:UPDATE 2 2018/02/09:
I think this could solve the issue. :slight_smile:

:bulb:UPDATE 1 2018/02/09:
I got an idea about how to achieve this: #27147.