After upgrade ubuntu from 18.0.4 to matomo is cant browser it

hi, I running the latest version matomo at ubuntu 18.0.4 and is fine.

After I upgrade ubuntu to, matomo is totally can’t browser it?

May know how I can fix it? thanks

as the below error message after I browser https://xxxxxx/matomo/index.php


It seems like your webserver just returns any PHP file instead of executing it.

So check your webserver config again and make sure PHP is properly set up.

This also means that anyone can simply access your config/config.ini.php and see its content unless you have some setup that protects from this (you can check https://yoursite.example/matomo/config/config.ini.php) which means you should reset the Matomo salt and your MySQL password as people might have seen them.

I install the php and able to broswer it

until the step it hit error mbstring, but I already check mbstring.func_overload is set to 0
how I can solve it?


You need to install the php mbstring module. I think it is called php-mbstring on ubuntu. Afterwards you probably need to restart php.