After upgrade to 4.0.4 I get "Please specify a value for lastMinutes"

After upgrade to 4.0.4 I get “Please specify a value for lastMinutes” but only on a mobile device (using a browser). Any idea why?


Can you please explain a bit more detailed where you are seeing this error?

I have dashboard for my website. It works fine until two days ago when I upgrade to 4.0.4. Since then the problem shows on mobile (in browser). It is written with white color on red background.
I hope this screenshot will show the problem:

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Could you maybe try to disable the LiveTab plugin? Maybe it is caused by that plugin.

Alternatively you could try updating to the just released version 4.0.1 of the plugin.

I updated LiveTab plugin. It didn’t help.
After that, I disable plugin. But after that - you won’t believe - an error shows even on desktop (and even on plugins settings site). If I activate the plugin again, it works again without error (on desktop) and with error on mobile.