Adwords campaign rejected. For Google Matomo javascript is a Malware

I had prepared an adwords campaign but the campaign was rejected and the google assistance told me that “you need to remove the Matomo javascript as it is a malware”. Why?

"Your site has been blocked for violation of our “Malicious or unwanted software” policy, as our most recent scans have found malicious programs and strings on your site. In order to guarantee the safety of users, the publication of resources with content potentially harmful to its customers is not permitted.

For your convenience I send you the following list of malware detected by our systems, I invite you to analyze it together with your webmaster so as to be able to proceed with their removal independently:


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That’s quite something. Just to make sure that they aren’t correct, can you please make sure that the matomo.js file hasn’t been modified by some other software on the server (it isn’t completly impossible that some malware searched the server for .js files and appended something to all of them).

Can you paste here the content of your matomo.js so we can check if it’s been tampered with?

Can I ask , how dit this end for you? I am facing the the same problem (with a muli-tenancy setup, so a lot of my clients suddenly have this identical problem) Google-ads claims malware, blocks all campagins, google search console claimes all sites are safe.

I see no recently changed files, generated html is clean, piwik.js it self seems also to be OK, and the file (or other) are not recently changed or something. Google can’t pin- point me to the real found malware or code, exept points to the piwik.js. I do load the piwik.js from an other domain, but on the same server.

I updated to 3.13.1 now hoping this will help

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Could you please share the link to the piwik.js file that they flagged as malware? This is most likely an error on their side, but we need to make sure, and follow up with them. There’s also always a small chance that something on the server/website was hacked and included some malicious code in random JS files including the matomo files. Contact us at: Contact the Piwik team - Analytics Platform - Matomo and we’ll help

Matthieu, Thank you very very much for your quick reply. I just mailed you some more info

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