Google Ads declares matomo as maleware

Hi all,

I had the problem that several Google Ads advertising campaigns on different websites were suddenly deactivated with the message “maleware”. (After they had been running for years).
After a bit research, Google informed me that the following URLS were classified as malware:


Does anyone know this problem or the background? Of course Google wants to distribute its own Analytics, but that should not be the problem. The Matomo installations are always on the latest version.



You might want to look through this thread:
Adwords campaign rejected. For Google Matomo javascript is a Malware


and maybe get in contact with @rstark :

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Hi, thanks for the quick feedback!
All this posts are from the last year or 2020 and looks like it is resolved… so no current issue. But will try to comment there.


Hi @Lukas ,
in case that the issue is till active on our side we try to solve this in any possible way.
Can you please check if the code I will pose below is fine (from one of our js files)

Update, can’t upload here anything as TXT.
Please see:

The fact that you pretty-printed the file makes it hard to compare it to the orignal file.
You can check in how it is supposed to look like (but keep in mind that Matomo plugins can modify matomo.js)

Hi, we have the same problem with Google Ads.
We installed Matomo on 2 of our websites and both got topped because of Maleware.

We contacted the Google Ads Support, but they only told us to cancel Matomo.
So we had to cancel it from our website, in order to continue with Google Ads.

Is this common at the moment?