Action Reports Showing No Data

We are using piwik to track data for one of our sites, After the upgrade of piwik 1.7 and 1.8.2 the “Action” reports seem to be broken. We are recieving no data from all of the Action reports and I know that data exist cause it shows up in other reports. Any suggestions?

do you see any error in the server error logs?
DO other reports work but only pages show no data?

There are only a couple of errors

PHP Fatal error:  Class 'Piwik_Config' not found in /var/www/ on line 410, referer:

File does not exist: /var/www/, referer:

Only showing up once per each

Action reports (Such as entry pages) show no data, all other reports work and even show the data that is suppose to be shown in Action reports. For example it shows entry page on other reports.

reuplooad all files as some files were not uploded correctly

Downloaded and implemented new piwik (1.8.2), still having same issue.

The message PHP Fatal error: Class ‘Piwik_Config’ not found
means that a file is not found, ie. it wasn’t uploaded

Let me clarify, We have installed piwik from a fresh download but still using the same database. That file is there and that error is no longer present, however, the main issue still exists.

do you mean that the data in the Page Titles reports stopped displaying for dates after the release?

Every widget under the action tab is showing no data found, including screenshots. If you need to do a webex or talk over the phone to make this easier let me know.

in the visitor Log do the Pages listing work ok and show page titles?

Vistor log works and shows all data.

can you please email me the bug description + piwik Url + login + password so i can verify? thanks

Hy there,

if you have already a solution for this problem, can you please post it?
Because we have the same problem here…


lmeier please email me ftp/piwik info by email so I can investigate all similar bug at once?

Sent you the information requested almost 2 weeks ago. I am looking for an update and possible time frame for fixing the bug. Thank you for your time.

Sorry I’m totally overloaded, it might take a while.

hi, matt

sorry, is there solutions for Action Reports No data issue?



We are also facing the same problem .Have upgraded to 1.8.2 . Visitors log shows details. But all tabs under the action shows as No data for this report. Please inform if a solution or patch exists


see here at the URL is a solution.,84761

Everyone experiencing this issue, can you please try 1.8.3 beta, info at: 301 Moved Permanently

it might fix the issue i’d like to know :slight_smile: thanks!!