A guide for tracking email and phone clicks as events

I have searched the forum, but can´t fin a simple solution or explanation for this:

I would like to track click on email and phone as events (and use them as goals) using the tag manager in Matomo. Is this possible at all? Does anybody have a simple step by step guide for it?

Hi @Tormod_Sperstad
There was a discussion there:

But no final solution…

Did you try something?

Yes, I did. But it didn´t work.

How does this work?
If this doesn’t work, here an idea:

  1. Create an MTM HTML tag containing javaScript that add some class on all link starting with tel: or mailto: (tag triggered at page view with high priority)
  2. Create a All Links Click trigger Only when Click class contains the class you created at previous step.

Does this work?

Thanks, I´ll pass it over to a developer and give it a try. Was hoping using Tag Manager would make it work without implementing additional code, but we´ll see :slight_smile:

Hi @Tormod_Sperstad
Just to precise my last message: the developments in my procedure were to be implemented in the tag manager… (but need a few technical knowledge…)