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ich habe auf sämtlichen webseiten folgendes problem. ich richte ein ziel ein - die url beinhaltet “danke” …

dennoch registriert piwik nur ca. 2/3 der besuche.

eine idee, woran das liegen könnte?



hat niemand eine idee. ich verwende piwik nun seit über einem jahr. und muss generell feststellen, dass sämtliche werte falsch sind. das gibt’s doch nicht???


(vipsoft) #3
  1. there’s a piwik.js bug that didn’t track ie users without javascript. This is fixed in Piwik 1.2.
  2. users using AdBlockPlus with the EasyPrivacy subscription will block Piwik tracking, but allow GA

(diri) #4
  1. something must be wrong with sub-domains since very long time (piwik 0.1 or so).


Piwik runs on domain.top.

It has to count
a) domain.top
b) sub1.domain.top
c) sub2.domain.top
… and so on.

Using stoneaged webalyzer and some other server based statistics show differences in range of more than 1 count of piwik : 4 or more counts in server log. Sometimes piwik counts nothing.

This relation is also true when using a commercial tracker being able to distinguish page views and impressions.

cu, diri

(vipsoft) #5

diri: There’s nothing to support point #3.

Since Piwik 0.1, Piwik has used a JavaScript tracker. This will inherently exclude visits by many bots. (There’s also server-side logic to exclude Google and Bing smartbots.) So, it isn’t a valid comparison to compare Piwik to server log analyzers because there will always be a difference.

Prior to Piwik 1.2, the server uses server-based cookies (third-party cookies if not hosted on the same domain as the site being tracked). So, there’s no subdomain issue. If you want to track subdomains, you have to add the tracking code to pages on those subdomains. If you’re going to track the top domain and subdomains under a single idsite, then you should configure those URLs in the Site Manager, and use tracker.setDomains() in your JS tracking code.

(diri) #6

vipsoft, this seems to be opinion of Piwik’s developer crew since day #1.

Fact is:

Piwik is proven to not to work correct in environment mentioned while setup is correct since day #1 (read:strict according documentation).

First hand this behaviour is independent of browser and it’s extensions as well as platform being used (AIX, BSD, several Linux distribs, OS/2, Windows, …). One and same browser on same platform - different behaviour almost every day.

cu, diri