Zero Visits Overview, but some Real-time?

(Bjarne Oldrup) #1

Hi. This is my first day with motomo, so please forgive me if I’m just interpreting things wrong.

Please have a look at the screenshot:

What I can’t wrap my head around, is that Visits Overview shows no visits at all, but tracking seems to be working, as Visitors in Real Time works perfectly.

Have been adding 5 websites to my matomo installation, same thing on all sites.

The Diagnostics > System Check is all green.

I’ve read and checked everything described in the faq at Piwik doesn't track any visits and pages, and shows "There is no data for this report" in all reports. FAQ - Analytics Platform - Matomo, and he only thing that seems off, is that my Visitors Log seems empty? How does compute, when Real Time looks fine?

On site i use matomo on is - tracking code looks fine when checking with View Source

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

(Bjarne Oldrup) #2

Omg I’m so stupid. The Visits Overview defaults to YESTERDAY, where the stat server didn’t exist. By selecting the CURRENT day, it works just fine.

Rookie mistake, sorry :smile: