Zero Search Results

(Vinod Lobo) #1

How can I get a report of all the keywords searched on my site but did not fetch any search results (zero search results). I am looking at taking up such keywords for which I do not have content on my portal and add that so as to reduce the number of keywords that fetch no results.

(Lukas Winkler) #2


Google (and other search engines) have stopped a while ago to send a referrer that includes the search keyword of the user. So there is now no way for Matomo (or any other Tool) to find out what search keyword a visitor used.

This means the only way to see which keywords people use to get to your Website is the Google search console (and the same for Bing)

And if you want to import this data into Matomo there’s a plugin for this:

(Vinod Lobo) #3

Thank you Lukas for this.
Piwik is showing me the keywords which the visitors have used on my portal.
I am looking for those keywords that the visitors have used for which there are no search results or zero results.