Zen-Cart tracking of Ecommers & Goals


I am interested in more detailed tracking of goals & orders with Piwik in my Zen-Cart installation(s).

Already my sites are tracked well through adding the tracking code to the footer.

Does anyone know which Zen-cart files need to be amended to to add tracking of ecommerce orders? (And also ensure that there is no double counting on amended pages) I’m also interested in setting up a goal for adding items to the cart & tracking abandoned carts.

Is anybody interested in helping develop a plugin for Piwik in Zen-cart?

Thanks for any pointers.

We are also interested to support a development of a zencart plugin. We would be happy to support the developer by promoting the plugin and giving a donation for the work!

Please let me know if you end up getting in contact with a developer capable of building such plugin and let us know at hello@piwik.org thx

I have written a plugin for ZenCart for a book I am writing for Piwik. It is rudimentary right now. There is no admin interface and you must edit the files to add your Piwik url and site id. But it works and does every part of ecommerce tracking. I would have to clean it up a bit and add a README, but I have that if anyone needs it.

If you happen to finish the cleanup and put the code on google code or github we would happily link it from the plugin list: Plugins and Themes - Analytics Platform - Matomo

I will put it up on Github today. Actually just learned how this week. I will post back here with a link when I do.

Here is the github project: https://github.com/eristoddle/Piwik-Ecommerce-for-Zen-Cart

pelase send me an email to matt@piwik.org and please put a page clear with a few screeshots. is it possible to host it on the official plugin repo?