Your updates

Why is it when I manually updated it still wants me to update.
Then after fighting with it (no one should have to) I manage to get it to update itself.

But yet… still wants me to update.

Doing auto update it tells me to set all these permissions. I do it all. Does not update.
Then when I go to update again, bam! Tells me to manually update.


Wow. After it telling me to do these commands. I cant do crap to my files!

First, you tell me I cant update because of permissions. I make changes.
Script keeps telling me to change perms to ALL files and ALL folders to 755.
Never updates.

NOW I have to flippen MANUALLY go through in SSH to change these files perms to try and manually update.
What a flippen joke!

Calm down and explain your errors.

if you don’t like doing this, just manually upload the new files using FTP