Yahoo emails are not admitted to this forum


I tried to register for this forum with my yahoo address.
(I gave the address that I specially keep to give at forums where there is a danger that it may be made public as some forums do.)
I have promptly received an activation email, clicked the activation link and got the message:
Thank you for registering. Approval from a moderator is required to activate your account. You will receive an email after a moderator has reviewed your information.

Nothing followed for a few weeks, and when I try to log in I am not allowed. When I ask to get another password by email I get the above message for moderator approval.

I ended up creating an additional address at my site and registered with it without any problem.
I have searched the forums and could not find any notice that yahoo addresses are not accepted.

Is this intentional?
If yes, this post will hopefully serve as such notice.


I register today without problem.