Xml for top 10 URLs by unique hits

I’m sorry if this is aleady answered somewhere but I’m having a heck of a time finding it or figuring this out.

How can I get an XML file of the top 10 URLs by unique hits for all time? I tried Actions.getPageUrls but that only returns for the root URL and not actual pages (like default.aspx or blah.html).

I figured out that I’d need period=range&date=2015-01-01,today to get data for all time and filter_limit=10 to get only 10 rows. But I cannot figure out the URL part…

Ideally I’d like page URLs and page titles but I already saw that this is not possible.

Hi there,

try to add &flat=1 to the Actions.getPageUrls API request URL, hopefully this helps

awesome! that works. thanks!