Www-prefix: yes/no or show both?

(Markus Birth) #1

Just a little question:

When adding a site, I have to specify its own URL. Now there are a lot of sites which can be reached through both URLs:


So do I have to add both URLs to this textbox or does Piwik omit the www on its own or is this only a convenience box and Piwik only uses the siteId ?


(Matthieu Aubry) #2

piwik currently records data for all domains, so this information is not useful for this.
It is used to know when a URL is “referer” or “direct entry” on the first page view.

(Markus Birth) #3

Thanks for the explanation. So I’ll just add both URLs into the field. :slight_smile:


(cbartolain) #4

Related to this - is there a way to display which url they used for direct entry?

(vipsoft) #5

No, and even if there were, it wouldn’t be reliable as it wouldn’t know about 302 redirects, rewriteurl, or CNAMEs.