Wrong values from Custom Report when querying via Looker Studio Connector

Found a rather strong bug with Custom Reports and the Looker Studio Connector:

This is what the Custom Report reports for June 2024:

Kanaltyp Fingerabdruck
Suchmaschinen 23.078
Direkte Zugriffe 17.933
Webseiten 2.297
Kampagnen 1.029
Soziale Netzwerke 1.111
Gesamtsummen 45.448

And this is what the Looker Studio Connector reports for June 2024, when using “Kanaltyp” as Dimension (also note how “Suchmaschinen” drops to a fraction from what it is in June, while the other months are fine):

Almost like the Looker Studio Connector cuts of some 50% of the June data in total (and for Search, some 80-90%).

When playing with the report date in Looker Studio, it gets even weirder: The values get realistic levels when setting the date range just slightly lower from Jan 1st 2024 to Jun 24th 2024 instead of to June 30th 2024.

How come?

Hi @tliebig
As this concerns Custom Reports premium plugin, you can ask directly to the support team by email.