Wrong URL when I try to log in

Hi all,

I installed yesterday in a dedicated server the piwik application and the configuration is like that:
inside the /www/ folder (so the configuration is /www/piwik and for access from the internet is http://mydomain.com but the problem is:

When I try to login as administrator it redirects me either in this URL http://mydomain/piwik or http://mydomain/piwik/index.php and obviously on a page not found error but if I remove manually the extra /piwik from the URL and press enter then it logs me in and the links inside the application work as well.
Also one extra strange thing is that the logo of piwik is not displayed because it assumes that is in the folder http://mydomain/piwik/plugins/Morpheus/images/logo.svg but all the other images / styles are loaded corrected.

Could you please someone help me with this because I am trying 2 days to fix it but without any success.

Thanks in advance

Hi there,

This may be a bug in Piwik somehow. Can you please create bug report in: Issues · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub
and ideally, could you also try to reproduce the issue and put there the steps to reproduce it?