Wrong Statistics thanks to Bing

Hi ,

in the last days my piwik statistics has changed thanks to plenty of BING requests. They are not shown as search engines results, but almost 100 % of them are single page visits, pretty much like the good old live.con problem.
Meanwhile I receive 2 …3 times as many bing search queries as google - stupid! This is destroying all statistics ? Do other see this problem too ? Any “fix” available ?


I am using 0.4.2 and bing is recognized correctly as search engine. The problem is that there are plenty of search requests whic hare definetely not human but machine generated. The total amount of visits generated by bing exceeds Google which is nonsense since goolds has 90 % share in Germany ( I ma talking abotu a German site).
All the visits come from keywords where the site is not even listed (e.g .shopping) and all end with a bounce ( one click only). As a result the amount of wrong bing requests articicially increases the amount of unique visits, the bounce rate and the share of search engines.

Once would need to distinguish between real (human generated) visits via bing and those machine generated spam visits.


Bing spam has been fixed in SVN. Please wait for 0.4.3. Thanks.