Wrong siteID after upgrade of the WP-matomo plugin (solved)

Hello all,

I just want to signal that I encountered a weird bug today: on our multi-sites install, the plugin has been upgraded to version 1.0.28 two weeks ago by a colleague.

Between that day and today, all visitors data has been sent to our Matomo instance with the site-ID 1 instead of 4 for our main and first site.

The other site of the Wordpress “network” (multi-site install) still had the right id.

Here the config of the site (first line being the one with the issue. Note that the site-ID is correct there) vs the JS code that was added:

I searched a bit with no luck, and then just disabled/re-enabled the tracking code in WP-Matomo’s settings in the network’s settings, and it was back to the right site-ID.

I’m not just what happened, but I’m just publishing this in case someone encounters the same issue.

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Hello @provelo-ict Thank you for letting know about this and for sharing the workaround. If you encounter the same issue again, please don’t hesitate to let us know.