Wrong Location of Visitors

Hello Guys,

I am evaluating Piwik for my clients. I placed piwik code in footer of wordpress website. But I noticed visitors log is not logging correct country. Last 3 hits should be from Pakistan but it shows USA flag. Is there something wrong with installation or I need to modify some settings ? Please see attached screenshot

[attachment 829 9-16-20129-31-29AM.png]



Hello Thomas,

Thanks for the link. I added this line in my config.ini.php file

enable_language_to_country_guess = 0

but it’s still logging wrong country and link to GeoIP plugin is not working.

Thank You

You will HAVE TO use the geoip plugin if you want accurate countries, so wait for the link to be back ;).

Ok. I’ll try link again and again. But looks like server is down :slight_smile:

I enabled GeoIP plugin and also added GeoIP module in Apache. But Piwik is still tracking my country as USA until I switch my language to PK-UR from EN-US system wide. What’s the solution and how I can troubleshoot where exact error lies ?

I have the same problem since update 1.8.4

Some countries don.t show correct since the update… only show usa…

it´s seems to be a prblem withe visitor live plugin

OK I found a Soulution - follow these guide and it will work again: