Wrong hit counting after DB Crash

Hi there, we are using Piwik with good results for a set of high traffic domains. Since a crash in the last days Piwik provides wrong visitor number per day. I have checked back with the log file. This indicates no change in the number of user hits. In Piwik I get only 50 % of the hits displayed.
I am using 1.11 beta.
The databases are already repaired. DB size is 4,5 GB.

Furthermore I get the following erros when accessing the seetings in the system checks:

Try #1: LOAD DATA INFILE : SQLSTATE[28000]: Invalid authorization specification: 1045 Access denied for user ‘cbusiness’@’%’ (using password: YES)[28000]

Can somebody advice hor to fix this?

I recommend pro services for this problem as it’s hard to tell without looking into the issue. Contact us via: http://piwik.org/consulting/#contact-consultant

Hi Matt, how much is that?
btw. I cannot create the tracking code on 1.11 - the options are greyed out

Tracking code issue is solved after switch to 1.11

I was checking the issue again, still there is no correct counting, I switched to the image tag - still the same. The request is done correctly by the website but no data is displayed in Piwik.
This really makes me curious since Piwik was working fine for years.
I had a chance to compare with another installation of Piwik. This one counts right (Version 1.9).

after Update to 1.11.1 it works but I have to use the old tracking code, it themes according to the forum that there is error in tracking code generation

still the same problem. I am using 2 piwiks (1.11.1 and 1.9) to compare the same website in hits. Both values differ by 100 %.
It themes that one piwik is missing out hits in between.
What to do?