WP-Matomo 1.0.22 was not able to connect

I installed WP-Matomo and & Matomo Analytics
i added tracking code js to header.php theme
i try to connect WP-Piwik but i have an error

WP-Matomo 1.0.22 was not able to connect to Matomo using your configuration. During connection the following error occured:
Could not resolve host: https

attached picture

Thanks in advance


If you select Cloud-Hosted, then you need to only enter your Matomo subdomain.

So if you are using https://someexample.matomo.cloud, then you need to enter “someexample” into that form. (In your case it tries to access https://https://someexample.matomo.cloud.matomo.cloud which of course fails).

thanks its works :slight_smile:
do i need to add tracking code to all pages?
if i want to track all the pages
what i need to do to start tracking and see which page tracked?



In the “Enable Tracking” tab, you can select how the tracking code should be added to the website.

It currently only track the main page
I tried to make it follow more pages
For example :

i tick on V ’ Track subdomains in the same website’
but its not a really subdomain



By default WP-Matomo adds the tracking code to all sites in wordpress.