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Having upgraded to 1.5.1 I now find piwik unusable as i cannot generate the reports. I have tried a clean new install ( for going all my old data ) and still I cannot generate reports with due to segmentation problems.

I am interested to know the software versions for people who have got working versions of, if you would care to post here it may help me ( and others ) having problems.

Currently I am using Debian 6, PHP 5.3.3,


I has the problem too, the php version i used is :PHP 5.3.6 (cli) (built: Jun 21 2011 19:37:05)

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What exactly is the problem or error you are seeing?


We also just started to have segmentation faults out of the blue. We upgraded the pre-prod servers to the latest version and everything was going fine there so we upgraded the Production domain as well and since then running the script on prod causes segmentation errors. We have done everything recommended in the FAQ without any luck. We are currently managing around 55 hits per second on Prod so getting the archive script to work properly is pretty important at this point. Even pointed one of the pp servers to the production environment to try and run the archive script from there which still failed. This to me would say it is not related to the programs as both enviornments have the exact same specifications/setup and all the same versions of programs installed. As soon as I point PP back to its own DB it works…thinking maybe something with the database.

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JMETERX, seg faults are usually related to the actual data processed by Piwik therefore having a rather “random” behavior. Unfortunately these bugs are usually hard to track.

Are you tracking one website only, or several one?

is the seg fault error actually causing reporting issues (lack of data, etc.)? Sometimes segfaults appear during script shutdown (when cleaning up memory) therefore having no negative impact (appart from throwing the error)

what is your exact PHP / webserver version?
let us know if you have more info or find a solution


We are currently tracking seven websites. The seg fault does seem to be causing a lack of data, for one site we typically average around 68,000 hits per day, however, since the seg fault we have been seeing around 45,000 per day. The interesting thing is if you run the script yourself it fails out and reports nothing but when it is kicked off by the cron it posts the data to piwik.

We are using XAMPP so running PHP 5.3.5 and Apache 2.2.17.

One interesting thing I have found is I loaded a backup of the Database from a week prior to the issue and the script works without issue. My thought then is a possible issue with a corruption to the database? Before restoring an older copy of the DB I checked for any errors and conducted a repair.

If it possible it could be a database issue then?

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Most likely not a database issue, but some data since the last week, that is causing some memory and php errors.

However, if the archiving completes and reports 45k hits, then it means that it probably works fine… Sorry can’t help much more at this stage, since the segfault is a hard one (likely php issue…)


Yeah, that is a shame…we currently can sustain around 60 million hits/actions per month, I wonder if it has to do with the tables growth. But thank you for your help we will keep going at it. Looking forward to the next 1.6 release looks to have a few things we would like to take advantage of.