WordPress with log processing



I was looking at the output from doing log processing of WordPress logs. Unfortunately, it is not very helpful. In the
log files we have lines like:

“GET /?dm=81931491698d056dd3336a7a2f96615a&action=load&blogid=2&siteid=1&t=1220013558&back=http%3A%2F%2Ftechnology.gpc.edu%2Fabout-it%2Finformation-security%2Fsecurity-awareness-training-education%2F HTTP/1.1” 404 20

I ran it through a little filter to get rid of the hex:

“GET /?dm=81931491698d056dd3336a7a2f96615a&action=load&blogid=2&siteid=1&t=1220013558&back=http://technology.gpc.edu/about-it/information-security/security-awareness-training-education/ HTTP/1.1” 404 20

Unfortunately, I have the dm=8193… which makes the reports not really readable. I am not saying this is the fault of WP or PIWIK,
just how it is. I can strip ‘Get…back=’ and get a little better report. My question is has anyone already handled this in the past? I
am trying to avoid re-inventing a wheel. Also, someone more knowledgeable with WP might have better insight in what might really
be needed.