Wordpress plugin where is my auth token?

I installed the plugin by putting it in my FTD using Cyberduck
its all installed but what is my auth token where do i find it?

The tokens are shown in the webinterface of your Piwik installation. The super user token_auth can be found in the API section (top right menu), the “normal” users token_auths are shown in the Settings / Users table.

that was no help to me as when I downloaded the file from wordpress it didnt give me an install option. also I’m not very good with website terminology. I’ll try and explain what I did, I downloaded the file unzipped it, looked for install folder or file found none, then dragged it into the my plugin folder using Cyberduck (a program that lets me control my FTP etc). The plugin then appeared on my wordpress dashboard, I activated it and to properly activate it its asking for a URL and a auth token.
So I’m stuck there was no install option as shown on the website

You won’t be able to track your visitors with just the wordpress plugin I think. You have to also set up a Piwik installation. See Installing Piwik - Analytics Platform - Matomo