Wordpress performance question

Hi. I am buliding a new wordpress site. I need to know some very basic stats, in fact the only one I really NEED is a unique visitor. I need nothing more, but could probably use a few other things like what keywords used to find the site in search engines, and top content, and maybe time on page. but again, the only essential is the visitor count.
I will not interact with Google in any way, so Matomo has been suggested to me by many people. It sure looks good, but here’s the problem (and question!)…

This site needs to be as fast as lightning! So whilst Matomo looks good on paper, I assume it must be heavy on the server and slow down the site for visitors. Can anyone using it comment on what those speed impacts are, or are there any tests which have been published?

Also, could anyone comment on how Jetpack compares to Matomo for Wordpress, in terms of site performance/speed impact?


Hi @Timmy, it should not have any major effetcs. You can learn more here:

Thanks. I have read all those. I want to install using Matomo for Wordpress (plugin). How do I make that force the tracker to only load after the webpage has fully loaded in a user’s browser, to prevent any delays?
thanks again

Hi @Timmy sorry for the delay.

The tracking script is added by default in the page footer. But it does not mean that it will be executed on the onload event. There are a few solutions:

But regarding the JS size, the problem may be elsewhere:

  • deliver this js from a CDN to increase the number of simultaneously downloaded elements when rendering page
  • Ensure that his browser cache policy is well defined (Mod expires or FileETag Inode if he uses only one webserver).
  • Using HTTP2

Hope this helps.