Wordpress app not tracking, dashboard doesn't load

We are using the Matomo wordpess plugin for our site, it was previously installed before I started working on this but generating no data. there don’t appear to be any logs or errors being generated that I can find. The only lead I have been able to find is that the ? mouse overs on the configuration page do not populate and the dashboard just sits with the loading bar and never generates data (tested via safari, firefox and vivaldi)

I’ve completely cleared and re-installed the plugin with no change.

server OS: Centos 8
PHP: 7.4.2
Matomo: 4.2
Wordpress 5.6.2

Hi Sarah.

Go to your Matomo WP plugin (on my instance it is under SETTINGS / WP-PIWKIK) and got to the ENABLE TRACKING tab.

You need to enable the tracking. Select DEFAULT just to get going, the other options give you some customization options.

If you need to generate some traffic to see the results, I think there is a Matomo plugin for this but you can just go to shotsherpa.com and have that generate a bit of temporary traffic. It will show up almost immediately in Matomo.

I hope I understood your question.


I wanted to also add one more potential issue to look for: caching plugins.

If you have a caching plugin installed, clear out the cache. Alternatively you may need to disable it as part of your testing, but the cache sometimes is an issue as well.

Hi Robert,

We were able to diagnose the issue as being related to our security headers being a little too strict and causing issues with JS on our site, tweaked things a little and we’re now seeing data generated.