Woocommerece plugin creates abandoned cart entries

When users adds a product to cart, woocommerece-piwik-analytics plugin sends a request to matomo with

Tracked ecommerce cart update:  . \MatomoTracker::$DEBUG_LAST_REQUESTED_URL

This creates an abandoned cart entry in matomo visits log even when user fully pays for the order.


Could someone please advice on what to be done?

How did you track? (can you share your tracking code?)
Do you use the WooCommerce Analytics premium plugin?

If so, then please move this topic to the Premium plugin category…

@heurteph-ei Yes, I’m using the woocommerce analytics premium plugin for tracking. I’m using this plugin in no-cookie mode (cookies disabled).

@heurteph-ei Is there any update? Is someone else able to reproduce?

@innocraft, as this seems to concerns the WooCommerce Analytics premium plugin, I let you reply :wink:

Hi @Trash_Mails ,

Could you please get in touch with our support team at shop@matomo.org