WooCommerce Matomo Analytics - Woo-Matomo is not correctly configured

WP-Admin backend warning message: Woo-Matomo is not correctly configured. To fix this error either deactivate tracking or change the Matomo Instance configuration.

It look like since latest Matomo Update WooCommerce Matomo Analytics isn’t working if Matomo and WooCommerce share same server, but operate on different cPanels/IPs (this is the initial best guess).

I activated “Enable Logging” at the WP-Plugin to get more details, but there are no logs available.

What are next steps in investigating the problem?

Please advise. Thank you!

Hi Pak,

You have had the plugin working in the past? Can you share a screenshot of your WooCommerce -> Matomo config to support shop@innocraft.com.


Hi Jason,

the plugin was working in the past without any problem.

E-Mail is OTW.