Woocommerce HPOS compatibility

I am tring to enable HPOS on Woocommerce, but woocommerce is marking the WooCommerce Matomo Analytics v1.0.20 as incompatible. Any ideas how to resolve?

Hello @cwright HPOS compatibility has been released for Matomo 4 and 5 users in WooCommerceAnalytics 4.0.7. You’ll have to update your WooCommerce Analytics plugin for it to be compatible.

I too am looking into enabling HPOS functionality, but my ‘WooCommerce Matomo Analytics’ plugin is showing as version 1.0.19, with no updates showing as available, so I’m confused as to whether I’m on the right plugin or not.

I’m using self-hosted Matomo and have Matomo connected through SEOPress if that helps.

EDIT - I figured it out. Although Wordpress wasn’t telling me there was a new version available, I found the updated download in my account and that has brought me up to date and I should be able to try HPOS now :slight_smile: