Woocommerce Analytics: Problem with abandoned cart Spam

i’m running Matomo 4.4.1 and the premium plugin WooCommerce Analytics (v4.0.5).
Every time i activate the Woocommerce tracking in Wordpress i get hundreds of abandoned carts per day. I’ve tried to block the IPs but they’re always visible in my tracking data. This causes a very huge visitor tracking and effects the bounce rate and falsifies my complete analytics. I have now deactivated the tracking because it’s useless in this way.
Anyone with the same problem?
Any hints to solve this issue?
Thank you.
Best, Oliver

Hello, You can try resetting the plugin, or You can use the Matomo funnels feature which can help track the drop rates during the process from a conversions point of view (to verify the user ID from dropping visitors log).

Also, I think, If you block IP’s from tracking users - this will also not provide those analytics if in case the user comes back and completed the order.

Try posting the issue here, https://wordpress.org/support/topic/abandoned-cart-error/


Hi Chanpreet,
thanks for your help.
Sorry, but non of your hints was helping to solve my issue. Also IP Blocking still shows the abandoned carts. I have around 40-60 of them per day. Unfortunately i have to disable the matomo tracking from woocommerce, otherwise i get really bad bounce rates in my overall analytics.
For me this paid Matomo Plugin is useless… The support told me, that this is a known issue but didn’t had a workaround.