[WONTFIX] CONTRIBUTION: Flash Player version tracking

(cajax) #1

Hi again!
New modification of code has come style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif
Now it is mod to allow PIWIK track versions of flash player.

Attached archive contains all modified files.
To try it, you must overwrite existing files on your 0.2.34 installation and add config_flashversion column to log_visit table.
Modification contains changes in piwik.js, so if you run it on production server, you have to force somehow update of cached JS on clients machines, or just wait…

I hope this contribution will be integrated to some further release.

History of this mod


(vipsoft) #2

Thanks cajax.

This is on the roadmap (ticket 346).

(vipsoft) #3

Sorry. This feature request has been dropped due to the increasing number of issues with IE and ActiveX plugin detection.