With or without browser popup after change of iframe setting


I am a beginner but installation worked great. But I saw different kinds of implementation of the PIWIK iframe on the web.

A user clicks on checkbox in the iframe to change his PIWIK setting on a website, then

  1. there is a new browser window (popup), the setting is made and the windows closes
  2. the change is made directly in the iframe without a popup.

How can I get the second solution? Doesn’t seem to be the standard?

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PS: Also, with Javascript disabled, my setting doesn’t work, so the popup appears but then freezes and doesn’t close. In the website I have to load it again to get the new setting. Is this normal for JS disabled?

How is Piwik setting made in your cases? Popup or no popup :slight_smile: ?

Hello again…

in the meantime I found this line in the iframe:
<form method="post" action="?module=CoreAdminHome&amp;action=optOut&amp;language=en&amp;setCookieInNewWindow=1" target="_blank">

So the question is where I find this line in my piwik folder, in which file, and if I can change it. The sites where the setting reloading is within the iframe without popup don’t have the _blank and NewWindow thing.

I found the setCookieInNewWindow in the file OptOutManager.php, but any manual change there (0 instead of 1) doesn’t help.

Also, on my tablet my browser freezes when I visit a site with popup for Piwik setting. In the past hours I got the idea that this topic could even get into bug area for Piwik :). I mean in general _blank is not really the future, and in addition the mobile browser don’t support the popup solution. As this is all in all a real privacy matter, Piwik should think about it.

So here again: Is there any setup to get the popup (or not) for the Piwik setting in the iframe?

No the popup is required to set a third party cookie in all browsers successfully

Hi Matthieu,

thanks for your reply! Ok then I know why this is the case.
Actually, I thought that the popup was the older version as _blank shouldn’t be used often in HTML and I got tablet freezes (ASUS Android) when using popup Piwik actualization instead of iframe.

If one day the 3rd party cookies could be handled within the iframe it would be perfect I guess.

This was the case in the past, but browser security has improved since and they make it harder to set third party cookie. See work tracked Make Piwik opt-out feature work on internet explorer 11 when third party cookies are disabled · Issue #8578 · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub
and Open popup in a new window when setting opt-out cookies by diosmosis · Pull Request #8646 · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub

Hello Matthieu and thank you again. Ok, I understand. But still the popup seems to be a problem in case of popup blockers and especially on my tablet (Asus Fonepad, Android 4.2) the browser freezes (and looses all open tabs of course). I guess this is not too good in matters of privacy and user friendlyness? Could you test on a Android tablet?