With Matomo Tag Manager much less recorded traffic compared to direct embedding Matomo Tracking Code

We initially used Matomo directly as code embedded in the website. Tracking was correct at that time (compared with campaigns traffic).

We then made use of Matomo Tag Manager. Trigger set to “page view”, tag using the Matomo Tag with Tag configuration set. That was the result:

  • measured traffic down by around 90%
  • time on page down
  • visited pages down
  • actions on page down

After we removed Tag Manager Code and switched back to Matomo Analytics embedded directly in the website, numbers are back to normal.

What could be the reason, that using Matomo Tag Manager is having that impact on Matomo Analytics?

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Have you solved this problem? My stats are down by 90% since updating to 4.11, but all along we have been using the tag manager.

Do you use also MTM?

MTM = matomo tag manager? Yes. Stats were coming in fine prior to the upgrade; now they are not.

I close this topic, as the discussion continues at: