Upgrade to 4.11 and now site traffic (mostly) not being tracked

Hello. I upgraded to 4.11 earlier this week. The database upgrade failed, so then I followed instructions to roll back, then upgrade again. That seemed to work at least to get the database upgraded and upgrade complete.

However, ever since then, our site visitors tracking has decreased by 90%. Server logs still show the same amount of traffic, yet Matomo is not capturing it. No other changes to site (tag manager still in place, etc.).

I’m not sure what to do…

Any advice? Thank you!

Thank you.

Forgot to add that I reviewed the system check. There were a few errors that we resolved already. Has not fixed the tracking.

Hi @wardee,
Can you have a look at the server error log file?

Yes, I did, and there are no errors related to this.

I do get a repeated error (for many months now) that site ID 1 doesn’t exist but I’m not even using that site or making calls for it. None of my MTMs specify site ID 1 in the Matomo configuration. (I’m using site with ID 9 currently.)

From which version did you migrate your Matomo?
Can you maybe recompile you MTM container in a new version?

I have the same issue, we upgraded the Matomo from previous version.


Also, what is the source version (before migration?)

I just wanted to come back and say that I ended up getting help from Matomo support (support plan). There were several issues related to my tag manager and Contents tracking integration as well as little tweaks to make. My issue got resolved speedily and we’re tracking again. Support is great!

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Hi @wardee is there anything you can share with us? What problems have been solved?