Wired Bug In Piwik (Video Inside)


Here is a video I made of what I think is a bug in Piwik: TechSmith | Screencast.com, online video sharing, Page not found

For some reason the drop down menu is not list the sites I have available, all it shows is the text “Website”. I tried re-installing it 3 times, 1 time through plesk.

Im not getting any error messages and at this point im out of ideas…

Dose anyone know why Piwik is behaving like this?


Ahh… Finally fixed it…

It seems like Piwik does not work with mod_pagespeed. It would be great if the developers could fix this since a lot of hosting company are implementing this as an option for users.

(Matthieu Aubry) #3

Oh really, can you reproduce the issue after re-enabling mod_pagespeed ?

if so please create a ticket on the issue tracker, and we will definitely try to fix it!


Yes, I can. I just disabled server wide first, when I saw piwik acting normal again I knew that it was the culprit because when I re-enabled it once more it did the same exact thing. I finally just added the code in my .htaccess to disable it only on my piwiki install, and not it’s working normal without me having to disable it server wide.

I’ll create a ticket right now since this would be a great module to use seeing how piwikii has a ton of images that mod_pagespeed would be able to utilize thus speeding the loading of images, which would speed the overall loading of piwiki.