Wipe all data from specific day from database


While doing some maintenance on my site, I accidentally logged a bunch of analytics data for the day.

I’d like to delete everything for the single day from the database, so it doesn’t skew or clutter the overall analytics. I am okay with wiping the entire day to a blank slate, so that instead of there being 19 visits and some 300 actions, it is zero (0).

can anyone advise on the way to go about doing this? eg. SQL queriues (via phpmyAdmin)?

thanks in advance!


Check the FAQ here:



Yes, thank you. That works nicely for logs that have not already been processed.

However it is only for pre-archived data logs.

What about for archives?


This article talks about deleting data from the archive tables, in case you never found the answer


(Patel Hardik) #5

Have you tried basic deleting command?
DELETE FROM table WHERE date < 'yyyy-mm-dd;