Windows server setup for reverse proxy to RedHat

(Andrew Davis) #1

I have a locally installed version of Matomo up and running on my RedHat server.

Im trying to use IIS on my proxy server to send tracking info to my Matomo instance.

I did this about 3 years ago, with Piwik. I cant remember if i had to use Samba or something like that. Im kind of lost…

Any advice is welcome.


(Andrew Davis) #2

I am currently getting 502.3 errors back from my windows proxy when I try to send stats to my working Matomo instance. I read configure for proxy about how I would have to do a little bit of work inside my config.ini.php file. Is there anyone willing to explain how I would configure this file?


Windows 2016 (IIS) reverse proxy to my Matomo

(Lukas Winkler) #3


I know nearly nothing about Windows servers, so my only suggestion is taking a look at the error logs. There should be more details for why it fails.