Windows Scheduler/cron not archiving -- "run as"?

Hi everyone-
I just set up an auto-archive on my development instance of Piwik. The scheduler appears to created correctly according to Piwik’s directions, and the log shows it’s running successfully every hour, but nothing’s being logged except for the Live! visits.

The “How To” doesn’t show what to put in in the “Run as” section, so I created a user specifically for that with read/execute access to the PHP folder and the piwik/misc/cron folder. (See screenshot.) Is there something I’m missing? Thanks!


D’oh! Had an error in my URL, so it wasn’t processing. When I manually ran archive.php through the command line, everything came up in the interface except for the page titles and page URLs. (See screenshots.)

The site is fairly high traffic – there’s usually a visitor every 2-3 minutes throughout the day – but I’m not sure why the page URLs aren’t showing up.

Edited to add: When I expand the date range to a few days, only one page title and URL show up… the other six hits are “page url not defined.” When I debug the tracking API request using Firebug, piwik.php doesn’t show up in the NET panel, but if I hit shift-refresh, only piwik.js shows.