Will using Matomo require cookie popups/consent forms?

I currently use zero analytics on my site. I want to start at least collecting some aggregate stats and I am considering using Matomo for this.

I specifically have opted not to use GA because I do not want to want to send my visitors’s data to Google (or any other third parties).

I also would very much like to perform any tracking that requires me to use tracking cookies or to have the user consent to anything.

Is it possible to use Matomo in a way which does not:

1: Use tracking cookies

2: Requires user consent in EU due to GDPR?

Hi @EgonSnipes



Matomo can be modified to a cookieless tracking. The disadvantage is, that no reports for recurring visitors are possible.

For germany (EU) it is not really clear to use a consent with cookieless tracking, respectivelly wheter this is EU-conform. About that, a explicit visible hint with the info that tracking is in use is required. This can be a pop-up or similar without consent. The current meaning is: Cookieless tracking don’t requires a consent, but a hint.

Consider: This is not a legal advice.

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