Will future pwik be released with optimized Zend Framework

Right now your system uses autoloading in itself, but ZF code is still filled with static require_once calls, some of which cascade to other require_once calls in other files (check Zend/Session.php for example).

E.2.2 talks about how to optimize zend framework by getting it to use full autoloading with stripping out unneeded require_once calls.

There is also a larger discussion about autoloading performance increases in ZF at framework.zend.com/wiki/display/ZFDEV/Performance+-+Requiring+the+Autoloader

PS!!! why am I not allowed to post above links as links but get some message about “administrator not allowing to link to those sites” ???

Thanks. We are aware of the require_once issue in ZF.

We opted to not remove all the require_once from ZF in order to minimize maintenance for third-party libs (such as ZF). We’ll revisit this when ZF-8158 is fixed.

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