Wildly general question - not as many hits as other trackers report


This is a pretty broad question, I guess, but I’m trying to understand some discrepancies I’ve seen between Piwik and other reporting tools - and trying to understand what sorts of hits Piwik reports, and, what it may ignore. By the way, this package blows me away - it’s absolutely amazing and I am loving this… Anyway: I’ve got a business partner and he had been checking some sites we have with Google Analytics. Some of the sites are Wordpress and I’d been monitoring things with a plugin called “Track That Stat”. Both Google and the Wordpress plugin were reporting many more hits to the sites than Piwik - but Piwik’s reports seem to be much more in line with my Apache logs, if you filter out bots. Does Piwik, indeed, not count bots? I literally have never even looked at Google Analytics - does it count bots? The differences were fairly remarkable - to the extent that I posted on this board about 2 weeks ago screaming that Piwik wasn’t working. Sites that these other things said were getting 100 hits per day appear to be getting 10 to 20 hits - it’s a pretty substantial difference.

UPDATE: I just commented in another post and I mentioned this - which I find odd, as well. I have a lengthy article on one site about a personal UFO sighting that was really strange (that’s REALLY another story). But that article is linked to on “reddit” and forums around the net - a lot of people hit that Wordpress page. In over two weeks Piwik has never reported one hit to that page - and that can’t be correct. I get people emailing me about it, etc. And it’s tracked by that plugin I mentioned (which I just reinstalled).

Any input would be appreciated.


I just re-installed a tracking plugin - calledcalled "Track That Stat - in a Wordpress site ". In 2 or 3 hours it’s recorded 22 hits, about 70% of which are not bots - they were referred by blogs where I’d made posts, etc. I know how these users got to my site. In the same amount of time, Piwik has recorded 3 or 4 hits. Something is way out of whack with Piwik, at least on Wordpress. As we used to say in the 60’s, “Man…I’m bumbed!”.