Widgets in Piwik 1.11 error


Have installed Piwik 1.11 and I get a error when the dashboard is loading.

‘Widgets can’t be created without a uniqueid’

Any ideas?



Another user reported this, i’m not sure what could cause this. Can you try “RESET” the dashboard layout to default one maybe? does it work if you create a new dashboard?


Have reset dashboard and also created a new one, but same error everytime.



Works in Firefox without the error but not in IE8.

Thats a problem with IE - same here. Any solution, if I cannot use other browsers?

We think it’s a problem because of Jquery incompatibility. we will upgrade jquery at some point. If you need IE support badly please contact us via: http://piwik.org/consulting/#contact-consultant

Can we say, it is now fixed? Anyone tested? @ github
Thank you!

With the same IE 9 on Windows 7 64bits, I have 2 differents behaviors.

In one Apache Web server I have the error message and in localhost Apache Webserver I don’t have the error message.