Widgets and API Controls

Would it be possible for the Super User to disable/remove the Widget and API controls for “View” status users? I want to offer access to Piwik stats for my customers as a View user, however, I don’t want then messing around with widgets and the API stuff. I just want them to be able to log in and see their stats, and that’s it. Thanks! Ian

This is not possible, sorry. Disabling API access would directly disable all Widgets as they request their data through the API.

Perhaps I should clarify: Rather than disabling the widgets/API, I would just like the links or, “access” to these made not “visible” to a View user when logged in…

You’ll be able to do that with a custom Smarty template … after we implement the Theming plugin/hooks. (post-1.0)

OK, thanks!

You can do it now by finding the links in the templates and removing them. This is one of my biggest complains about Piwik, how it doesn’t have separate views or templates. Every time I upgrade I have to diff the files and update all of the templates.