Widget: Today's forecast (not weather)


This one shouldn’t be hard to do. I will type the idea in pseudo code… but here is how it would look to the end user

Server Time: 12:33PM
Visitors Today; 22
Expected Visitors: 40

Now for some reasons… Well sever time, because it is hard to know when “today” is when you do not live near the server. I live 8 hours ahead of my server time. It be nice for it to know that.

To get the time, from the server and use a javascript to keep it updated. Timers…

Visitors today, well that isn’t hard to do…

Expected visitors would be.

time_remaining = 24 - current_time

guess = (24 / time_remaining) * current

guess = current + average_visitors
guess = guess / 2

See if that makes to sense to any of the coders out there.

Enjoy the program. Thanks to all who work to make it possible.