Widget iframe code not visible in 1.5.1

As per documentation, I want to use >Select report within an Iframe (in this case Visits Summary > last Visists graph ) … but when I select the report I want, althought I get the Widget Preview in the interactive documentation, there is no embed code below the widget as specify in the documentation …

In front of that issue, using a Widget that works, and reading the source code of tha page, I have tried to figure out what should be the embed code … for the desired report I have use the following call …

The iframe src seems to be recognized, although I get the following message : The plugin ‘VisitSummary’ is not activated. You can activate …

After verification in the admin plugin admin module, the plugin IS ACTIVATED but I still get the same message … search me !

Last detail, the php page that call the iframe is not located in the same domain name then where the piwik environmnt is located. The php page is run in https, but not the src from the iframe.

If anyone can indicate how I can get that specific widget in an iframe I would be more then please. I do not want to use a “dashboard approach” at this point.

Maxime V

Make sure you copy paste the right iframe code, the plugin name is VisitsSummary

Also you should see the embed code in the “Widgets” page: Widgets - Administration - Matomo

Thanks Mat,

Sorry but I confirm, THERE IS NO EMBED CODE in the “Widgets” page: [demo.piwik.org].

I have corrected my typo, still same error message. I have add the parameters &colums=nb_visits … doing so I do get an empty graph (that is a step in the right direction ) with a javscript error

Message : ‘window.G_vmlCanvasManager’ a la valeur Null ou n’est pas un objet.
Ligne : 877
Caractère : 76
Code : 0

Message : ‘_ctx’ a la valeur Null ou n’est pas un objet.
Ligne : 1338
Caractère : 81
Code : 0

If someone could copy me the embed code, I am sure I can make it work

thx in advance

Latest news, under FireFox, the embed code does show, but not under IE v8 …

Should be able to move on now … I hope

Thanks for the report, I created a bug: Widgets page: embed code does not display in IE8 · Issue #2702 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub