Widget and Reporting Issues with 3.9.1

First time ever [ i think as far back as 2011] that I’m having an issue(s) with a Matomo fresh install.

Traffic in console is reporting; however, for widgets: Visits over time, Visitor Map, and View detailed visit log, all are empty. I dropped the database and even did a reinstall with no luck.

Everything in system check is green. Since I haven’t ever had a problem with Matomo, I don’t even know how to troubleshoot these issues.

Like I said, fresh install, and server is configured correctly. Strange…

So you are seeing the visits appearing in the visitor log, but no reports are appearing?

In that case it seems like your archiving isn’t running. Check if cron is running correctly or if browser archiving is enabled.

It should work out-of-the-box with browser archiving enabled or cron like it has been for years. This time it was stuck after a new a fresh install.

Visits in real time widget was the only widget that appeared to be working, and everything else including the view detailed visit log was not showing any data.

After a manual cron run and reducing Archive reports at most to 300, and after a few hours, everything started to work.

Not the behavior ever expected. Seems like possible issue here for sure, but I don’t have the time to debug and find root cause. Marked closed and thanks for the reply.