Why PIWIK does not track clicks from several countries?

Good morning from The Netherlands.

I joined a few weeks ago a sales training in Switzerland and the IT-guys at that meeting spoke very good about PIWIK. Finally we decided to use PIWIK instead of google analytics for our company page (www.alea-enterprise.com)

My question now: we got a lot of friends and clients in Argentina and in Brasil, Venezuela and Chile.
These people gave us feedback about the new page - but we can not see any click from these countries.

How does this happen?
I am finally just curious, because we do not gain any benefit from the tracking, but of course we would like to optimize PIWIK in the best way - so that´s the reason we ask here.

I wish you all a wonderful start into this new week.
From Amsterdam


Please have a look at Geo Locate your visitors - Analytics Platform - Piwik to see how to enable geolocalisation.

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Thank you very much for this fast reply.
We are working with Christian Rademaker, our IT-Expert.
I will send it forward to him.

Impressed about your fast answer.

Have a wonderful start into this new week.
I keep you in the loop about the changes.

Peace from Amsterdam

Short feedback: it is working now. Best regards to you and thank you again for this nice customer support.

You’re welcome, Alexandros. Nice to see it’s now working!