Why Matomo's default visit length is 30 min?

I want to change the tracking visit length for my website but before I would like to understand what are the drawbacks for doing this. Therefore I would like to understand why Matomo sets its visit length to 30 minutes.

I am not sure there is real reason, it is just a default value that can be acceptable for most users, but it’s up to you, that’s why it is configurable.
If the user doesn’t do anything for 30 minutes, we can reasonably consider the user has gone. If he does some actions every 5 minutes, then he is still there… And between… ?

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The only reason I found that could explain the default value is that… Google said it. :rofl:

The only drawback I see is that after you update this visit duration, your numbers will change as well (the number of visits, to begin with) and therefore you won’t be able to compare your new tracking data with the past.